Wingtip Postcards / Midland Air Museum (Coventry) Aviation Fair -
I have published the following series of postcards since 1992:
Airport Postcard Series - APS 1 to APS 70 - there are no plans to extend this series
Birmingham Airport Collection - BHX 1 to BHX 82 - there are no plans to extend this series
Flightpath FP1 .....  ongoing
Wingtip W1...... ongoing
Short run and one off cards published include the following:
Coventry Airport No 1Fred Olsen/DHL Electra LN -FON
Coventry Airport No 2 Atlantic Cargo Dc6 -APSA
Coventry Airport No3 Air Bridge Electra G-FIJR
Coventry Airport No4 Channel Express F-27s G-CHNL & G-CEXF
Lydd Classic Airliner Fly-in card
4 views of aircraft at the Fly In on 30th June 1996
B'ham Aviation Enthusiasts Fair card 1999 View of Elmdon Terminal & Heron on 60th Anniversary open day
B'ham Aviation Enthusiasts Fair card 2000 with Lufthansa Constellation D-ALEM in 1966 at Birmingham
B'ham Aviation Enthusiasts Fair card 2001  Dan Air Comet G-APYC at Birmingham
B'ham Aviation Enthusiasts Fair card 2002 BA Concorde G-BOAD
B'ham Aviation Enthusiasts Fair card 2003 No card issued
Also listed are a series of postcards published by John Payne, mainly consiting of photos taken at Birmingham Airport
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Also, I am buying old pre 1980's postcards, timetables. slides, photos & airline tickets. Please contact me if if you have any items that you wish to sell
The Vienna Airport website has the most concise listing on the internet and this can be found by following the link below:

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